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Rhonda wrote at 2011-03-07 02:35:13
It was Richard Mulligan that played on Empty Nest with Kristy McNichol. He had been injured in the war and got addicted to drugs and then overdosed.

RJ wrote at 2011-03-26 05:41:08
I believe you are talking about the episode from Season 2 called "Soldier's Return" where Mrs. Whipple's son Granville returns to Walnut Grove.  He is a Civil War veteran and is addicted to morphine. The actor in that episode is Richard Mulligan.  I hope that helps.  

(btw He is a good actor and did a great job in a mid-80s movie called "Teachers")

stringbean wrote at 2011-07-24 19:18:55
richard mulligan  heis the son of mrs whipple who fought in the war the was addicted to morphoine

Charles Hollingsworth wrote at 2011-09-24 02:33:30
The actor's name was Richard Mulligan and he was addicted to morphine and it was in the episode "Soldier's Return". Richard played Granville Whipple,the son of Mrs. Whipple,a semi-regular on the show. This episode originally aired on March 24, 1976 and was the  twenty-first episode of the second season.  

Amanda wrote at 2011-10-06 23:59:17
I believe the actor you maybe asking about is Richard Mulligan. He come home from a war and was addicted to morphine.

Joseph Roebuck wrote at 2011-12-08 15:53:58
I believe you may be referring to the episode where "Richard Mulligan" (who also stared on the TV series Soap) played the son of Mrs. Whipple.  Having been wounded in the civil war he became addicted to morphine.  While visiting his mother in Walnut Grove, he broke into Doc Baker's office and stole some morphine. He was later found dead by Charles and his mother.  

Janet B wrote at 2012-02-22 19:27:04
From her description, I think she is talking about the episode entitled "A Soldier's Return" and the actor is Richard Mulligan who plays Mrs. Whipple's son, Granville.

Splatt41 wrote at 2012-05-25 02:48:17
Richard Mulligan,  the character was hurt in the civil was and was hooked on morphine

AmyO wrote at 2012-08-01 01:36:47
I believe, if it's the episode I'm thinking of, it was the returning military bugle player.  He was addicted to morphine & it looked like he has post traumatic stress from the civil war. I believe the actor in that episode was Richard Mulligan.

steven wrote at 2012-09-06 07:35:21

i believe you are talking about a returning soldier from civil war was addicted to morphine and in end dies which didnt show that he took his own life but it did appear he did. that actor was Richard Mulligan very skillful actor.. i think this was the episode  (Season 2, Episode 21)

joni wrote at 2012-11-03 00:02:47
I do believe she is referring to Season Two:

Soldier's Return

      March 24, 1976

      Written by B. W. Sandefur

      Directed by William F. Claxton

Mrs. Whipple's son returns to Walnut Grove after serving in the Civil War. This episode deals with the difficult subject of drug abuse as the young man dies from his addiction to morphine.

Guest Star:

Richard Mulligan as Granville Whipple

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