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TruthSetFree wrote at 2006-12-01 18:10:16
As a genealogist and historian, I know from US Census Records and deligent research, there was no Albert Ingalls.  He was merely a figment of the imagination of Michael Landon.  So, how could he have died, if he never existed.  The TV series was very, very loosely based on the "Little House on the Prairie" books, written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

The fact is, "Albert" was never adopted by Charles and Caroline Ingalls; The Ingall's never adopted any children; Mary went to a blind school in Iowa, where she remained unmarried, for life, after which time, she went to live with her parents; Mary never had children; so, her "son" never burned alive in a fire at a blind school; Mary had a stroke that left her blind and particially crippled by the time she was 14; Carrie worked as a newspaper printer and later married the owner of a newspaper snd had one child that died; Grace became a teacher and never had children; Mary stayed in Iowa with her mother, father, Carrie and Grace,until Carrie was 24 years old; after Ma and Pa died Mary was cared for by Carrie and then by Grace, until her death; there are no living descedents of Charles and Caroline Ingalls, as Rose, the only child of Laura and Almando Wilder, had no living children; late in life, Rose Wilder adopted 2 orphans, before her death in San Francisco.  

Nearly all of the "Little House on the Prairie" stories are absolutely ridiculous and I feel defrauded that I believed Michael Landon's cruel literary license that distorted history, killing phony characters in cruel ways, and all for the sake of money.  Everyone connected with this TV series should be ashamed of themselves, as I actually cried when I watched the sad results of death and disasters that were created in order to build a fan base that would raise their TV ratings.  How dare all of you?  Truth and integrity did not exist in the world of Michael Landon! I do not believe distortion of history is either entertaining, or is of any moral or social value, whatsoever.

Mortality100 wrote at 2009-05-03 14:12:38
He could have become a doctor and then died.

Actually, everyone from that time period has died by now in real life.

Michelle Flinta wrote at 2010-03-19 22:40:46
So you think that the real story of the true Ingalls family would have gotten so much attention, and kept going for so long?? They had to embellish the stories of all the Ingalls. That's what TV does. Read the book if you want accuracy. Landon's production of Little House enriched many lives and taught great important lessons that we never see anymore, and need badly. Adding the Albert character was good, it shows how you don't need to be a blood relation to be totally loved and accepted, and to take in the so called throw aways. It takes drama to get an audience. Don't call Landon cruel, that is what I call overly dramatized, stop crying and get over it.

Sara G wrote at 2012-07-25 03:54:18
I'm with Michelle on this one.  Though I am disappointed that he distorted history, even books distort history.  Those who write history distort history.  Nothing is really true because our minds are not like DVDs where nothing changes.  Every time you remember something, a bit of the memory distorts.  By the time things are recorded, it is only a bit of the truth.  Not only that, but history is written by individuals who have had different experiences and different views on the situation.  Just like we have different views across the U.S. on September 11th.  I lived in NJ when the towers fell, and it had us question everything we did for years.  The West was less affected by the situation because those who had never seen the towers were too far away to understand the magnitude of the situation.  AKA different experiences lead us to view the event differently.

Embellishing a story to make it TV appropriate isn't wrong. Watch reality TV, it is far from reality.  Even watch a documentary, or read statistics: they are used to persuade and manipulate you.

movie guy wrote at 2014-09-01 04:20:22
TruthSetFree okay you say LHOP wasnt even close in other words to what really happened. Ok here is some homework for ya, are you ready for this ???? name 1 just 1 movie or tv series that was closer to reality of what story line it followed then, GOOD LUCK.. THERE IS NONE !!!!!!!! if you say differently, then maybe you should contact Hollywood like my students did for a school (college) project which we asked that question and they returned saying that there has only been 2 that was only 75% true to what really happened, cant recall the 2 but again they are only 75% of true facts and happenings to what really happened. you see that's all shows and movies to create a slightly different view for the viewers to be more interested in it. If you studied film making and such you would have learned this probably in day 3 of class  

Sabrina wrote at 2015-06-06 01:48:31
I think Albert was a bright idea , So what ? if Hollywood added more , thats what made the show interesting , and I am sure Laura Ingalls looking down on the show when It was in production;. So what .  They bought the rights . So Who cares .

Beverly wrote at 2015-08-05 19:41:01
The TV version is said to be a loosely version of the books and stories.  This means they added to it to enhance for tv.  That's what they all do in Hollywood.  Badgering an actor when he was clearly very talented is wrong.  Enjoy the show for what it was meant to be and not for what they missed.  Geez!

Misty raayne wrote at 2015-10-01 18:56:02
I agree. I absolutely love the show and I think adding Albert was a brilliant idea.  

kjean wrote at 2015-10-24 23:58:04
I think Michael landon did a great job at creating a family show for young audiances. Albert who was fictional also represented a real issue of the 1800ths,concerning orphans, he also brought love and compassion, and morals into the home. And I respect any t.v. Producer who is brave enough to do this.The show is still considered a timeless classic; and we should not let reverse prejudices distroy are hero's and icons. Albert's dying is no different than when any actor pretends to die,only in the world of t.v. it is not real.

Bjjj wrote at 2016-02-23 23:21:56
A lot of the episodes are based on events that did happen on the prairie around Minnesota and the Dakotas such as the blizzard that came without warning and school children got lost trying to find home... Except in real life many died

THart wrote at 2016-02-29 23:36:47
Who ever wrote this should do their research. Mary never had a stroke;it was said my Laura that she had lost her eyesight because of scarlet fever but that was probably not even what caused it. It was probably viral meningoencephalitis.Who cares is they strayed from the book to gain views? That's the business. We know that there are things that Laura wrote that strayed from reality...her age when they lived certain places, etc.  

m wrote at 2016-05-26 18:01:09
Mary Ingals did have a stroke look up Laura Ingals Wilder then read through her life and towards the end of the bio it states that in Lauras writting she stated it was a stroke that took marys eyesight but in I think 2013 some author or scientist did a study and said it was not scarlet fever but meningoencephalitis and later on she had a stroke. Now I dont care about the changes Michael Landon did like Mary being married and having a child. I find it a wonderful depiction and I watch almost every day. Thankyou Michael L

Nicole wrote at 2016-12-11 04:24:58
I love this show I grew up with all the old tv shows and Michael Landon was a great actor! and was a very caring gentleman. The last episode ever made of Little House involved burning down their beloved house and entire town Michael Landon broke down off stage. Let's not forget his wonderful performances in Bonanza as Little Joe! I love Little House and that is nothing to be ashamed of!

Nicole wrote at 2016-12-11 04:25:04
I love this show I grew up with all the old tv shows and Michael Landon was a great actor! and was a very caring gentleman. The last episode ever made of Little House involved burning down their beloved house and entire town Michael Landon broke down off stage. Let's not forget his wonderful performances in Bonanza as Little Joe! I love Little House and that is nothing to be ashamed of!

ThankYouMichaelLandon wrote at 2017-01-03 20:01:26
Wow--what a sad, joyless drag of a soul you must be, Truth Set Free! LOL Bet you're a scream at parties. Unless you've been living under a rock your entire life, you should expect that the vast majority of so-called historical tv and movie vehicles are going to be full of embellishments, invented characters, and otherwise non-factual discrepancies.  Little House was a wonderful show with morals and lessons that are sorely needed today. As far as what passes for "reality" tv--it's anything but that.

Little House taught people compassion regardless of not always being factual, and Michael Landon was a wonderful storyteller and human being. It wasn't solely about making a buck. Guess what? You don't have the market cornered on being a fan of Wilder's books. I--in addition to many other fans--have read and loved all of them. The majority of us are grateful to have had Michael Landon do us the honor of bringing these wonderful stories to life, even in light of embellishments and fictional characters that he added. I still watch this show in reruns to this day, and they still bring joy to my day.

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