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Little House on the Prairie/WHERE LITTLE HOUSE WAS FILMED,


Living in the past wrote at 2006-07-24 21:22:57
It was filmed at Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley California as was several episodes of Bonanza.  Unfortunately, Big Sky Ranch no longer exists as of 2001. It was sold to developers.  Houses and roads are now taking over "Walnut Grove" and the "Ponderosa".

Irene wrote at 2006-12-29 17:11:00
Sonora CA was a large part of the filming of Little House on the Praire. Cooperstown road was the area near Don Pedro Lake.

AngryWhiteGurl wrote at 2007-12-04 08:15:32
"Somewhere in Northern California" would be Tuolumne County ( Jamestown & Sonora). I had the pleasure of watching Little House on the Prairie being filmed there as a child.

Google "Railtown 1897" and you will see the train and station featured in some of the episodes.

WarmWeatherTucson wrote at 2008-01-15 20:27:58
Little House was NOT filmed in  Simi Valley.  Little House was filmed on the lot of Old Tucson Studios, Tucson Arizona.  If you go to Old Tucson Studios sister lot, Mescal, you can still see the Walnut Grove Church, the only remaining structure of the Little House set.  The rest of the set was lost in a fire at Old Tucson Studios main lot, because of a disgruntled former employee.  I have visited Old Tucson Studios several times in 2007, and have pictures of the remaining memorbilia of the Little House wardrobe, and Mescal to see the last of the set.

wildcat wrote at 2008-11-12 00:02:48
many outdoor scenes, such as the school house / church were also filmed at Old Tucson Studios, in Tucson, Arizona.

Kathy wrote at 2010-04-12 21:27:23
Some were also filmed on our family ranch in Tuolumne County (Central California).  We have photos.  In fact, one episode was about a "still" exploding in the basement of a house AND it was our old ranch house that was actually exploded.  Bonanza shows were filmed here too.  

Mapguy wrote at 2010-06-06 00:39:37
LHOTP was 80% filmed on Big Sky Ranch, Simi Valley. Look up on Google Earth or Google Maps and you'll readily spot the locations, near the open cast mine.  

rj_ly wrote at 2014-09-12 20:13:13
Everyone know Little House was filmed in California. I live in Ohio and know it. And Pa Ingles (Michael Landon) blew up Walnut Grove to keep it out of the hands of delevopers. (which was   true about the area) I remember reading/heading this from the 1980s.  

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