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judy wrote at 2006-11-29 16:33:51
Miss Plums first name was Etta.

Mustang wrote at 2007-07-26 12:40:20
7.  Etta Plumb played by Leslie Landon (Michael's daughter).

Charles Hollingsworth wrote at 2011-10-08 05:14:27
Richard Basehart played teacher Hannibal Applewood in "Troublemaker". Richard Basehart also starred in the Sci-Fi classic television series "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea" where he played Admiral Harriman Nelson,commander of the glass-nosed nuclear submarine the "Seaview". The series aired from 1964 through 1968 season on ABC. Richard Bull(Nels Oleson) also played the "Seaview's" doctor!!!  

Charles Hollingsworth wrote at 2011-10-13 22:32:46
Harriet Oleson was teacher in three episodes: in "School Mom" she took it on herself to be teacher when Caroline quit after Harriet entered the schoolhouse and made disparaging remarks calling Abel McKay "Dumb Abel" and saying that "He shouldn't even be allowed to attend school". However, Christy Kennedy told her Pa that Harriet would be teaching and her Pa told other student's parents and the next morning only Nellie and Willie showed up for school!!! In "Goodbye,Mrs Wilder" Laura quit because Harriet wanted her to begin teaching Art Appreciation and French which Laura refused to do as she thought them unnecessary in a farming community and Harriet took over. In "Days Of Sunshine,Days Of Shadow" Harriet took over for Laura when she had to stay home with Almanzo after he suffered a stroke. In "School Mom" Caroline substituted for Miss Beadle who injured her ankle in a wagon accident caused by Harry who began by scaring the girls with a snake which because of their screams had spooked her horses.

morningglory wrote at 2013-06-28 23:47:31
Also there was a teacher for one day, Miss Elliot ( played by Ellen Regan)that Albert got a crush on her, but she is engaged and he gets heart broken. Somewhere around episode 20 I believe. It was the teacher right before Miss Wilder came. It was for only one episode. She filled in after Alice Garvey.

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I can, in 99% of the cases, answer anything about Little House On the Prairie or it`s cast members past or present, as well as the Little House books and the Ingalls real life genealogy.

The following members of the LHOTP cast are no longer with us, but their loss has been deeply felt by those who have and continue to enjoy their acting:

Karl Swenson B: 23 July 1908 D: 8 October 1978 (Lars Hanson)
Steve Tracey B: 3 October 1952 D: 27 November 1986 (Percival Dalton)
Victor French B: 4 December 1934 D: 15 June 1989 (Mr. Isaiah Edwards)
Michael Landon B: 31 October 1936 D: 1 July 1991 (Charles Ingalls)
Moses Gunn B: 2 October 1929 D: 16 December 1993 (Joe Kagan)
Dub Taylor B: 26 February 1905 D: 3 October 1995 (Houston)
Kevin Hagen B: 3 April 1928 D: 9 July 2005 (Dr. Hiram Baker)
Dabbs Greer B: 2 April 1917 D: 28 April 2007 (Rev. Robert Alden)
Merlin Oleson B: 15 September 1940 D: 11 March 2010 (Jonathan Garvey)


I've watched Little House since I was five years old. I own every season, that's currently released, on DVD and can and will rewatch the episode if need be to answer your questions. I can more than likely pick out a episode based on a brief description of what happened, so you don't even have to know the name of it, just the general idea of what happened.

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