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John Brown wrote at 2013-09-30 00:45:46
After Filming The Props Most Of Them were Put Into Storage.Kent McCray I believe Said The Storage Were The Items were Stored was  Burnt Down. How Sad For Little House Fans.

Most all Buildings Were Blown Up In The Final Episode.The Last Farewell Using Google  Maps The Filming Location Is Si-mi Valley California.The Big Sky Ranch.4927 Bennett Rd, Simi Valley, CA 93063. Find Middle Ridge Fire Rd. It Is Marked.Back To The right Was The Plum Creek Set Where The Little House Stood.Back To The Left Was Walnut Grove.Also You Can Use Google Earth Click On the Time Clock And you can go back and see the house and barn.The Set Of Father Murphy.And A few from  Gunsmoke. The area Was Hit With A earthquake that damaged Most Of the set's. Then In 2003 A fire Destroyed The Rest ...Along With Even More Props. Weird how everything Was Burned Up...

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