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daque wrote at 2012-05-16 21:35:21
There is no accurate way to know a child's potential until about age 16 years when he is playing on the full sized diamond. Children develop at different rates and the stud of today may be nothing later.  The most important things are to have fun playing a game that your son enjoys.  Next year it may be the trumpet.  Enjoy the moment.  Soo how it goes.  Have a hot dog for me.

Danforth Strong wrote at 2015-09-23 16:06:23
Some children are ahead of their peers in motor skills either due to advanced maturation or to innate (born with) ability.  It is impossible to determine what is what at this age and you won't get a real good read until he is about age 16.  For now, the focus should remain on having fun and learning some of life's skills along the way.  Don't forget that it his recreational activity and as a parent your job is to lend positive support.  

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