Living on a Budget, Saving Money/leave of abscence


how would you best plan/save for a leave of abscence?Also whats your theory on gambling?Can you make money on lets say craps or something?my life is boring i wanna make money is the stock market bs?

ya need 6 moths of bills before you take off.. as for craps.or any gambling. I consider it an expensive treat..period...there are shows about guys who have actually built themselves a crap table and practiced throwing dice for hours and hours to get an improved odds of throwing a specific number..personally its not for me....try yer luck at texas least you can limit yer loss on a limit game..are you bored and poor or bored and well off.. IF POOR try what I did.. I got a cdl and now get paid to drive the 48.. traffic sucks..but the mountain views of couer d'alane id or the columbia river gorge.. or the chattanoga lake or even going to orange county choppers off of rte 17k off I84..makes it an adventure..and you can make 40-50k a year for the market.. it will run after this fiscal cliff bullshit/lie is put to bed.. IBM is up to 191 from its 183 low a month ago and cat is up 5 bucks..i figure both will move about 10 bucks by feb 2013..i hold jan 200 call contracts good till jan 2014 on ibm..i am just watching cat..the rest of the market is interesting..but I do like the dividend i got from my wwe....if yer rich buy a 1000 shares of ibm or 5 contracts of the 200 call good till jan 2015. get out at 200..and send 10% of your profit to the local homeless shelter and brighten someone elses that NY cop did..there is an old statement, if yer bored you are probably boring ..take a look at yourself and change what you dont like.

        enjoy yer playtime..its too bad this aint nov..i would have told you to book a flight to OAHU for the bonzai pipeline surfing champs the first week in dec

Living on a Budget, Saving Money

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I prefer to answer only public questions so all can benefit . there is a donation button.but its not necessary for you to donate to ask me a question. if you want to donate. it will go to my daughters education fund and I thank you. Questions related to credit card management and use of credit to achieve your financial goals I have found on google that my screename has been linked to some garbage financial sites, that I have nothing to do with Please ask me to verify this if you are not sure and let me know who is making any claims so i can sue their asses off this is my website or my blog


i own over 10 credit cards

8 of these have credit limits over 10k and i use 2 of them to invest with

i have the balance as a fixed life of the loan balance transfer

and make 10 points profit on the money


I retired doing this in 1996

and wish to pass on my experience. BE aware I got married in 1998 and started Driving Rig in 2004 so that I could get affordable quality Heath insurance for my family as I now have 2 beautiful daughters 4 and 8 as of aug 2007, so I may take longer to answer som questions. i cover such subjects as, my approach to credit, how to establish and maintain multiple accounts, how i get single digit life of the loan balance transfers, how i use their money for 45 days interest free, how i use credit cards to invest for 30% a year profit, and how i maintain a 650+ credit rating while holding 5 or more accounts. I challege anyone have me compare any answer, that suze orman gives on her tv show, to what i would suggest as i find her answers just plain incompetant, especially when she states that borrowing money from an ira causes you to pay double taxation. Thats just plain wrong

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