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I would just like a non-government expert's opinion on what the "real" rate of inflation is in the U.S.  I've seen on some sites  it's very low, but I've also read that "non-government" experts think it's more like 11%.  What are your thoughts on this?  Thanks.


I'll give you my ballpark opinion on this.  The Government rate of Core CPI is a total joke, as it ignores key elements.  In my area (Long Island, NY), between tax increases, food increases, health insurance increases, utility(electric) increases, and oil/gas increases, along with all the other Core CPI items, I estimated that my true cost of living increase this past 12 months was close to 13%.  Yes, 13%!  I laugh at all the politicians/statisticians over the past 10 years or so, who continue to state that inflation is running at 2-3 %.  What planet are they living on????

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