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I have 4 private school loans through Sallie Mae. Interest rate is very high but due to my low salary at work Ive only been able to pay interest so far and Im currently in the "interest only" payment plan. I may be able to start making a dent in my loan soon but was wondering if it was a good idea to pay one loan with a no interest credit card? One of the four loans is for $6200 and has interest rate of 9.25%. The other 3 loans have interest rate of 6%. Would it make sense to put that one on my no interest credit card (would have no APR for 14 months) and start paying off my loans piece by piece that way? Thank you!

that no interest loan will be a nightmare as its short term.. I would suggest you look into the presidents loan modification programs... so that you could get into a program that would have your loans reduced or be set for 10 years of payments and the balance forgiven as long as you have made all payments.... be happy there is a democrat in office as they actually give a crap about the common man..

google modification of student debt and look at the forth and fifth selection...especially the one...also call the student loan banks and ask for what kind of hardship program they have..

good luck and stay current as it will help  

Living on a Budget, Saving Money

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