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I hope I'm posting this question in the appropriate place... I have recently paid off my Care Credit card for some chiropractic services, and no longer want to use it. I generally do not like the idea of credit cards and have always tried to avoid them when necessary. I also currently have no debt aside from my husbands student loan which we are currently now in deferment until next April and his job situation will hopefully improve by then.

So, basically, my question about the card is this: Is it better or smarter to just cut it up and forget I ever had it because I have absolutely no intention of using it ever again, or should I formally cancel the card in order to stop receiving reminder notices from the company that I can still use it for such-and-such service?

I already have good credit from big purchases I've made in the past and managed to pay those off, so I don't see the need to keep this card "just in case" or to help my credit score in any way.

Thank you.

Hello Monica,

I can understand your confusion. To me, the rules of how credit bureaus work has never made a lot of sense. Here's what you need to know: yes, your credit will be negatively affected if you cancel your card, which I find ridiculous, but there you have it. The best course of action, if you are sure you will not be using the card again, would be to cut it up. The more open credit accounts that you have that are paid off, the better your credit score. Again, I know this doesn't make much logical sense.

Congratulations on your great credit score!

Good luck!

All information given is opinion based on experience and an MBA. Whether or not you take my advice is always up to you. My opinion can, in no legal way, be held against me. Thanks for writing!

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