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I feel so in over my head right now. I'm getting married in November, and I'm paying $1000 per month to the venue. I still have other expenses that go with the wedding.  My credit card bills have racked up. I have a family house I owe taxes on, like $1200 worth back in my home town, I really need to get rid of the house, it's abandoned and no one lives there. I also may owe some federal taxes from past returns. And I feel like I am going crazy. My fiance is telling and pressuring me saying we need to start a business but i dont even know how or where or what to start. I just feel in over my head right now, and it's normally not like this. My fiance just finished nursing school and shes starting a makeup and eyelash business. Im a sales manager i make about 57-60k a year now, but man, it just seems like I'm always broke, and its so frustrating because i dont know where to start. i was thinking about going back to school to get my mba, but its like thats just more student loan debt. i dont know what to do. any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for listening

Dear Christopher,
You are going to have to put your foot down.  What is your fiance starting a business for when she just finished nursing school?  You don't want to start your marriage, in the hole financially, and building resentment.  Just stop, just say, "it has to slow down."  I will write more in just a bit, but I have two appointments, then I'll get back to you.  When I read this, I simply had to reach out quickly and say you have every right to feel the way you do and you may begin to consider this could easily be a glimpse of your future!  I'll write again in a bit.  You don't need more student loan, you are making a reasonable living.  It's time your feelings were considered in this situation.

KD Liz

Upon further consideration, here is my recommendation.  

I think you need to first sit down and assess with as clear a perspective as is possible right now.  Write down where you want to be one year from now and a rough idea of what you'd like three years from now.  Then 5 things you can do toward those things and 5 things that would be a hindrance.  Be sure to include house, finance, job security or self-employment.  Once you have determined that for yourself, it's time to talk to your fiance about where she envisions herself and the two of you.  Basically, you need to see, even if you're in love, if you are wanting the same things in life and going the same direction.  
I believe it is completely possible to love someone, but simply be at an intersection in life, rather than on the same path . . . metaphorically speaking.  And now that there are round-abouts, the metaphor is even more fitting.  
There is nothing wrong with being satisfied where you are and with your income it is completely possible to have a nice life.  
If you are happy with your job, happy with your lifestyle before the wedding expenses and want to get some financial loose ends tied up, perhaps you need to consider postponing the wedding and be at a place you can look forward to starting a life together, rather than feel like you're losing it.
Be honest with yourself and once you know how you feel, be honest with your fiance.

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