Living on a Budget, Saving Money/what to do?


what would you do with 30000 dollars lump sum you recieve?

well if the market is your goal hit 191 last week and today.. its pulled back from a 210 high a month ago and will be turning around within a week as 30 june happens sun and thats fiscal year end of retail...look at ibm price in the last five years between april and july and you will see the pattern i talk drops and then goes back up 10 bucks by aug best case..jan worse case....30k will buy 150 shares so 10 bucks will be 1500 returned on a 30k may even run past 210 but i think the repubs will screw the pooch with the debt ceiling bullshit they are filibustering everything and we should see anothe market tumble again times with thatt debt ceiling do what you wish...i am in ibm now using the jan 2015 calls that are 200 buck strike...since you have probably never traded the pure stock..take profit by 200 to 202...or if it stalls at 198 to 199 ..get out..dont buy on margin buy cash so 150 shares so 1k-1500 profit.

  I would take my profit and wait for the market the 15600 in may...there is a ETF called the sdow..its a bet down on the dow 30..but its like a stock and cant expire..i got in at 39 and took profit on 100 units at 44 so 500 returned on a 4k investment..i play it 3 to 5 bucks and out..

bears win bulls win and pigs get slaughtered..take small consistant profits and win.

once you get comfortable with the trends of the market then you put more at is a long term and short term winner..even in 03 when the market was had dropped from 120 to around 70..and went to 120 again by 07..if you look at the 5 hit 78 in the 08-09 crash and came back stronger.

the sdow is a gamble but its as safe as a stock..but its still a new thing to me so i play it softly...when ever you play the sdow after the is first play..only buy when ibm and the dow is at a high and pulling back.

if you are not comfortable with that, then do what i did for 30 years.  track for the 20 buck downtrend.  ie 210 to at the 18-20 point ie 191-192 and get out at 10 bucks profit..

this pattern occurs every 3- 6 months because there are 4 dividend periods a year and ibm is playable 3 out of the 4 consistantly..

good luck

Living on a Budget, Saving Money

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