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hi..recently i made the mistake of getting a barkley credit card. they are based in philadelphia, ps. when you send money to  pay, sometimes the check does not clear for 3 months and sometimes its 2 month. lately i sent them 240 dollars, and after the check cleared the bank they wrote e mail and said the payment was late. phone calls and e mails to them have done nothing to help. today i have to go to the bank and print out checks and fax to them so they can see i paid. is there anybody or site on the federal or state level to report this to? even if you can point me  in the right direction to report this abuse of customers would help. thanks so much!

i would do a bbb complaint and cancel the account 2nd then call the fraud department of your state attorney generals office.  I believe there is a complaint division that was created as part of the dodd frank banking bill.

If they are failing to credit the payment in a timely manner thats 1 thing dodd frank was supposed to cover.

Your governors office may be of assistance as they may be violating your states laws.

they are probably shafting your credit and you may also have a legal situation that an attorney may be interested in.

My first thought would be to pay them with electronic bank payments.

some banks give a payment date guarantee and will reimburse you for late fees if the payment they sent is credited after the date they promised it would arrive by.

i wish u luck and i would suggest you contact a reputable bank like chase or bank of america and get a secured or unsecured card and try to pay ur bills with that card and carry a balance.

this will allow you to take your cash for those bills and pay off this scumbag outfit.

good luck

Living on a Budget, Saving Money

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