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If you were to train me for four weeks for a build wealth competition and had a million dollars on the line,what would the training look like?What if i trained for for eight weeks?

i would have you watch ibm and cat back 5 years thats INT bus mach and caterpillar.  these are consistant stocks that have a pattern of 5 to 10 buck moves every 3 months related to their ex dividend period and their earning period.

you would start to notice a pattern of when cat or ibm drop over 10% its a soft buy signal with ur get out 5 bucks later.

you would play 2 year out leap call options no more then $20 out of the money.

example ibm had a soft drop from 195 to 180 followed by a hard drop to 161

its ex div is gonna be around 6 nov as its last one was 6 aug

3 months ago

so far on my soft buy i have 3 200 strike option and would be looking at some 180strike normally

as i believe that the ibm will go to 170-175 by 6 nov.

but there is a midigating factor that may make me sit on my hands for 3 months

the election may throw a monkey wrench in my system for 6 months

and thats why we use leap calls good for 2 years.

all i can say is a week ago mon cat was 93 three days before earnings.  it had dropped from a 102 high so 10%

i bought some 100 buck calls and she dropped 2 bucks the next day which made the 5 buck run go from 93-98 to 91-96

so when i had a 100 a contract profit 2 days later with the stock touching 95

i got out

my profit was 10% in 4 total days. it has since gone to 101

i dont care i made a profit

if i make 10% 4 times a year thats 40%

show me a bank gonna pay u 40% a year return

bears win bulls win and pigs get slaughtered

i figure ibm will be back at 190-200 range by march

but it may come with the new years rally that ends jan 5 2015.

the election may shaft this if the blockader repubs get more control.

I state that as an EX REPUBLICAN. i was a barry goldwater repub.  look up his opinion of the political preachers of the tea party. they were the john birch society then

and you will know why i vote for the enemy of my enemy ..the tea party is the enemy of this country

3 trickle down recession crashes 1929 1988 2008 prove that.

but hey you can make money on the downside if they get in control again

because you should never underestimate stupid people

good luck and watch ibm and cat .YUP  kitty cat is back at 101 today dammiT i could have made 20% if i wanted to gamble..NOT

never sweat the moves you let pass

remember them for the next move in 3 months, look for repetition and the 10% drop and play as you feel comfortable

and remember if it dont drop you just dont play

thats the whole lesson

for fun and for free

oh and i do for fun a 1 million fake money acct using ibm and cat where i buy only pure stock

and in 3 years its only up 350k

sorry i dont gamble i just play conservatively and take profit with a 5 buck move in cat and a 10 buck move in ibm

the site is called up and my trade name is brad lee there  

Living on a Budget, Saving Money

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i own over 10 credit cards

8 of these have credit limits over 10k and i use 2 of them to invest with

i have the balance as a fixed life of the loan balance transfer

and make 10 points profit on the money


I retired doing this in 1996

and wish to pass on my experience. BE aware I got married in 1998 and started Driving Rig in 2004 so that I could get affordable quality Heath insurance for my family as I now have 2 beautiful daughters 4 and 8 as of aug 2007, so I may take longer to answer som questions. i cover such subjects as, my approach to credit, how to establish and maintain multiple accounts, how i get single digit life of the loan balance transfers, how i use their money for 45 days interest free, how i use credit cards to invest for 30% a year profit, and how i maintain a 650+ credit rating while holding 5 or more accounts. I challege anyone have me compare any answer, that suze orman gives on her tv show, to what i would suggest as i find her answers just plain incompetant, especially when she states that borrowing money from an ira causes you to pay double taxation. Thats just plain wrong

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