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Living on a Budget, Saving Money/Balance Transfers on Credt Cards


We have just recently paid off one of three credit cards (Yippee!). This card (Card A) is offering a Balance Transfer promo that will allow us to pay off Card B with a 0% Finance Charge until April 2015 at which time APR will be 13.74%.  There is also a 4% transfer fee that is assessed.  I realize that the unpaid balance will accrue interest until the promo offer ends in April 2015.  Card B is currently charging us 21.99% each month on unpaid balance.  We currently owe @$7,000.00 on Card B.  Our intent is to now begin paying $500.00 each month on Card B (This is what we were doing with Card A until it was paid off).  Would it be wise to transfer the $7,000.00 from Card B to Card A,  and keep paying the $500.00 each month until balance is paid off,  or just cancel Card A and apply the $500.00 payment to Card B until paid off,  the attack Card C?  I know it may seem confusing,  but hopefully you can help advise.

Hello, getting the 0% APR will allow you to reach your goal of getting card B paid off more quickly and you'll pay less in the long run. 21.99% interest is very high, so this is a good deal. If you pay the $500/month faithfully, you will reach the goal of paying off card B, even with the transfer fee, by the end of the 15 month promotional period.

Please also remember to never cancel a credit account, unless fraud has been involved. Part of your credit score is how long your accounts have been open!

Congrats on your triumphs over credit card debt and good luck!

Living on a Budget, Saving Money

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