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What is the easiest (i.e. cheapest) way for a non-business owner to get a Costco or Sam's club Business Membership?
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Sorry taking so long, I just got back in town.  I will give this answer a shot, but I may not be the best for this.  Check to see if your employer qualifies you to get a card first.  A lot of times you can get one through them.  If you are in any special groups or clubs this may also qualify you.  If you attend a church, and your church is a member you may be able to get added on cheaply. The cheapest way is by owning a business, or maybe you can go with a friend or neighbor that is a member and shop when they do.  Generally the rates for these clubs are the cheapest when you are a business owner.  Some of the deals are good, if you dont mind buying in bulk.  I hope this helps.  

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