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I know this is slightly off topic but thought you might be able to answer since this is frugal living.

I have a friend who has 3 boys and she is a cardiologist. My husband and I are low income. I mentioned to her thatI wanted to give her 3 boys a 15 dollar itune gift card for their ipads for xmas. She went on to say "no! don't give them anything they are already spoiled. Save up your money and buy YOU an ipad"

is there a smaller gift I could give the boys as a token for my appreciation for our friendship..or should I take her at her word and not buy them anything? thanks!

i would at least buy cards and maybe take them for ice cream sometime with ur kids.

john Bunyan wrote the mark of a great man/person is to do something for someone who can never hope to repay you

i believe that your friend subscribes to this thinking as i do

which is why i do this for fun and for free

one day maybe go over and offer to help straighten the rooms of her kids up or clean or laundry or just something to say thx u

may you have a blessed day

Living on a Budget, Saving Money

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