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QUESTION: I have quite a bit of debt.  I have student loans of around $35,000.  I also owe the IRS for previous years because I filed for six allowances on my W4.  

Now that I only filed for two allowances on my W4, I'm barely able to get by. I find myself taking out payday loans on a monthly basis.

My gross income is just over $35,000 and is even more "gross" after the taxes are taken out. Ha! And of course, there's no savings to fall back on right now.

What can I do to save up?

What would be the best strategy to pay off the debt while still being able to pay my rent ($960/mo), and buy groceries?

Would it be wise for me to file "exempt" on my W4?


ANSWER: you havent told me your income.  all i can say is ask for a irs consolodation using one of the services that state they help . i would go to the  dave ramsey site and look up his local endorsed provider to help with irs settlements. AS THEY SHOULD BE LEGITIMATE AND NOT A FRAUD THAT JUST WANTS TO STEAL YOUR UPFRONT MONEY.  and then with your income known and your monthly expenses stated maybe i can help with a budget.

good luck

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QUESTION: My annual income is  around $32,000 after taxes. My rent is $960/mo.  

Please let me know what I can do the pay back the IRS AND the student loans.

Thank you,


ok mischelle i know cali rent is high because i lived in la for 20 years.  have u considered being a roomate.  i say be a roomate because then u dont have to worry about the other guy not paying. as the lease is in his name.

i might suggest u look into what i did in the nineties.  i was lucky enought to bee a homeowner.  i rented both bedrooms of my house on a weekly basis . ie rent paid fri each week or every other fri if they got paid every 2 weeks.  i then put up a false wall in my living room /kitchen nook area and made a 3rd room with a private entrance ie the front door.  the rest of us entered on the side kitchen door. and when i wanted total privacy i went to the 20 ft trailer i had inside my garage complete with tv stereo and internet. but that was the 90's but my rent income was 900 a month at 75 a man a room per week.

32,000 is 2700 a month   so 1700 for exp when insurance and cell cost 300 a month. ie cut ur rent cost 1st
then look at car expense if u have one and food and gas and write down all bills and their min payments.

now internet and tv.  i turned off cable 3 years ago savings 800 a year.  i use hulu plus the next day for 10 a month.  
if internet is 40 a month consider becoming a mickey d player. free wifi thats 500 a year saved.

as for debt and irs there are irs programs for forgivness. based on debt load.  a tax attorney who does bk may be an option to get a restart.  and no i dont reccomend those bill consolidation companies. they are rip offs for the most part and your credit is wrecked just as bad as with a total chap 7 wipeout BK.

i hope this may be a start

feel free to follow up with exact bills each month

i dont agree with his debt free idea but his getting back on track ideas work. if u want to go to a library and read dave ramsey for free.

i do use credit cards and have for 30 years and will continue.

but then i can afford to pay them off each month or i get real low interest balance transfers because of my good credit

i wishh you good luck

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8 of these have credit limits over 10k and i use 2 of them to invest with

i have the balance as a fixed life of the loan balance transfer

and make 10 points profit on the money


I retired doing this in 1996

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