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Mr. Dunn,

Hello, I'll be brief I'm certain you are busy.

First of all I am moving to Oahu HI, more specifically the North Shore.  Is there any advice or insight you can share with me regarding inexpensive rentals or even house sitting/watching?   I do not know anyone on the island I am 45 single professional never married no kids.  A little more insight my credit is in pieces.  No health insurance for a season of my life cost/got billed for over 100k.

My plan is to get there and get a short term rental to get to know the area and hope and pray to find one of those house sitting deals.

My last question is I am going over with 35k in cash, that is to start a entire new life.  From a vehicle to silverware AND I am taking a year off to regain my health budget is the ord of the year in 2016.  I have almost all of it and I have it all broken up in money orders (no larger than $1000 per). I would like to put some of it little by little on one of those re-load types of CC.  My personal accounts cannot go above one thousand.  Advice ? Thoughts suggestions anything you can share with me I would be very grateful!

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and have a wonderful and healthly 2016.


A small explanation.  My move is 100% for my health.  The money has taken me 5-7 years with the majority of it coming from my family.  They know I'm .....have health issues that's all a d within a year I will be back in the rat race of life.  I just wanted to connect.a de dots for you as to whom you were in contact with.

Is there any advice or insight you can share with me regarding inexpensive rentals or even house sitting/watching? --> Hi Chris, we have rent-free living opportunities in Hawaii in every issue of THE CARETAKER GAZETTE and also in many of our 200+ email updates. Why pay rent when you can live rent-free!

Merry Christmas!

​Take care, Gary C. Dunn, Publisher


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Living on a Budget, Saving Money

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I can answer questions about where to travel and live rent-free in the US or other countries. I have been publishing rent-free living opportunities world-wide since 1983. It`s a great way to save money when you can housesit for someone!



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