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This sort of is and isn't related to the topic. I am a 22 year old female in school ( medical at that). I very unexpectedly had my son 2 years ago, thanks to my Dr's improper placement of my Mirena, and I have another 25 year old child whom I have been with for almost 8 years now.

My fiance and I love each other more than anything, we will both agree that there is no one else on this earth that would be more perfect for either of us. But his spending issue is a major problem..

I wont even get into the fishing details, most men fish as a hobby.. he fishes as though his life depends on it. Spending thousands on gear and lures ( just purchased himself a nice 400$ lure).

I am not in charge of "his" money, he works and I go to school and work part time for my family but that all goes to school. But he will spend 800$, yes 800$ in 15 days on JUST eating out. He will swipe and swipe that card and come the end of the month I get to deal with him being in a rotten mood for a week because he is stressed about money.

He makes good money, he just spends almost more than he makes. But I cant get him to work on a budget with me. He says it is dumb to limit yourself, that if he dies tomorrow he wants to be happy that he ate that 200$ dinner.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can get him on board? Or maybe a small budget plan that isn't so extreme.. It is funny, he will spend hundreds on eating out but it literally pains him to spend 80$ a week on food for the 3 of us at the grocery store.

I am just sick of money running thin, when we could be saving thousands a month.

Hi Amber:

Thank you so much for choosing me to assist you on your financial journey. If I understand you correctly you want to know how to convince your fiance to have a financial plan. It sounds like the both of you are not working as a team, when it comes to money.

My first recommendation is for you to realize change comes within. Your finance has to want to do something different in order to gain something different. All you can do is express the feelings you have when there is not enough money for present or future wants and needs.

My second recommendation is for you to look at changing your conversation. Instead of focusing on where he spent his money. You can lead the conversation into- what ifs, and dreaming of all the possibilities of having “thousands” in the bank could mean.  

It sounds like you are shouldering the financially responsibility in the relationship. I can hear the frustration.

Thank you for being proactive, I hope this helps.

E.B. Joseph

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