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hi, I want to save,budget and invest money on a regular basis.. weekly ..sometimes I don't have enough to save..i have made a target every year to save but it does not happen always... how can I save on a consistent basis,thanks

Hi Kelly! Great question. Our human mind says that when we make enough money we will start saving. But the truth is if we do not save with what we make now we will never save. More money is not always the answer. Its not what you make its how much you keep!  First, make a budget that tells every dollar you make where to go. Managed money works harder. Put down your income and then your expenses. Make sure your a giver, give some to a charity or church.  Giving should be your first expense category, it is good for us and God is a giver.  Your second category should be your saving. Make sure you save some money before you assign any dollars anywhere else.  Saving is a like a muscle, you must exercise it, even if it is a small amount, to to make it grow. Your next categories should be food, clothing, shelter, transportation and the necessary utilities. Everything else comes after the above.  Just make sure you save before you do anything else. It is like a jar you want to fill with rocks.  If you put the small rocks(entertainment, debt, everything else)in before saving, the big rock,you  will never get the big one in because the small one takes up to much space.  Saving is a big rock.  I hope this helps.

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