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I have recently become stay home mom, while trying to finish up college. My husband makes good money but we also have some goals and debt that we want to pay off and know a budget is the only way to do so.

My only issue is he is not salary, some weeks he can make 1200 and others he can make 1800. So it really varies on his hours worked.

I am really interested in doing a envelope system, or really whatever is simple. How would I go about doing this if he is hourly work and non salary pay?

And if I was to do the envelope system, does he pull money out every paycheck and I put in a certain amount for the 3-4 weeks or how does that work out?

Hi Amber:

Thank you so much for choosing me to assist you on your financial journey. If I understand you correctly you want to know who to maintain the envelope system with irregular income. It sounds like you are looking for the best system to help you track and manage your money.

My first recommendation is for you to customize your written budget. Identify when your bills are due-weekly, monthly and what date. Then identify how you pay them-cash, debit/checking etc…  I use the envelope system for the items I have identified that are paid with cash. You will be able to calculate for the month how much money total you will need in cash and then be able to divide that by the week. For example: If your total cash needed for the month is $600 then on a 4 week month you will withdraw $150 a week in cash. Then you would divide the $150 into its designated envelopes. For example: need $400 for the month for food and $200 for car gas. You would put $100 in the food envelope and$50 in the car gas envelope for each week.

My second recommendation is for you take the customized information and place it in a calendar. You can use an old fashion paper calendar or a digital calendar like found on google gmail.  The concept is for you to be able to see the “big picture” of when your bills are due. This will allow you to make a decision on how to best utilize the money no matter that it comes in on an irregular basics. It sounds like are following your dream of being a stay-at-home Mom and know the importance of money management.

Thank you for being proactive, I hope this helps.

E.B. Joseph

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