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where is a good place to put savings where one cant easily get to it for a while?i mean i save but then get a little credit card debt and then pay it off in full because i hate being in card debt but then savings keeps going away what would you suggest?Ive heard of welathcreation app ,cds anything else what is your theory on this?

Hi Blaze:

Thank you so much for choosing me to assist you on your financial journey. I love to volunteer, because this is my favorite subject to talk about.  If I understand you correctly you would like to know where to put your savings so you are not tempted to use it. It sound like you have the best intentions but you are not accomplishing your savings goals. I am not familiar with the wealthcreation app.

My first recommendation is for you to put a name on your savings. Give it a purpose. For example, saving for a new car, furniture, vacation, down payment on a new place house etc…  I recommend you open a separate savings account at a different bank, and then you have an automatic transfer from your primary bank to the new account each month on the same day. This will keep the money “out of sight, out of mind.”

My second recommendation is to analyze what you are buying with the credit card.  Next, find ways to either pay with cash or set a spending limit for your credit card that is within your monthly budget. This way your credit card bills never gets so get so big you have to pull from your savings.

It sounds like you are looking for various ways to help you be financially successful. Keep researching. The internet is full of useful information.

Thank you for being proactive, I hope this helps.

E.B. Joseph

Living on a Budget, Saving Money

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