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I have been diagnosed with EDS hypermobility over the past year by two geneticists and a positive skin biopsy. What a surprise to discover after living with this for over 50 years! I have noticed that If I do not take good supplements my symptoms will worsen (fatigue and pain). Specifically, Vits C, B ,D,magnesium, omega 3s and good regular protein sources. Initially I improved a downward spiral of muscle straining by taking a precursor for glutathione (max one by Max intern'l) which led to my diagnosis when I went to the geneticist to find out why this had helped so much. I have started using glutathione again and found that I am clearing a bad straining in my leg that was not healing. Have you ever heard of any correlation between use of glutathione (would probably have to be IV's) and improvements with EDS?
Might be an interesting area to investigate!
I am also having misery with modern cars because they are not made for proper joint support anymore...Any suggestions?

I wasn't familiar with glutathione before reading your email.  I did some research and found that there are some recent studies that indicate glutathione deficiency in Hypermobility.

As for cars, you may want to work with an ergonomist or physical therapist to help you determine what you need.  Body shape, size an specific areas of weakness are important issues to consider when choosing a vehicle.  You may also need to consider modifications to adapt a vehicle to your needs.  There is no perfect car for EDS.


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