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Do you feel your answer in this URL is still the best one (written in 2006): ?

Hi Barb,

It was the best answer I had at the time. I don't know that much has changed since then. We still are not fully funded for our DD/ABD waitlist in NH, although prospects look promising with our new governor's budget proposal. Area QAgencies now offer an option called Participant Directed Services which allows folks to directly manage how their money is spent towards services.

I would only add that families/individuals who are served in NH are encouraged to have choice, and so I would offer this link to the Private Provider Network web site:

There is a map that indicates where providers are located. Anyone can click on an area and contact the local providers/vendors directly to see what services they offer.

Thanks for the question. Hope this helps.  

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Jon Eriquezzo, MS


Assisting people who have disabilities to live in their community.


Jon is the Executive Director of Crotched Mountain Residential Services in Greenfield, NH. He arrived at Crotched Mountain in October, 2001. He has over 30 years experience working in the field of developmental disabilities. He has held similar positions at LifeStream, Inc., in New Bedford, Massachusetts; Developmental Services of Strafford County in Dover; and The Plus Company, Inc., in Nashua. Jon has also served as a mental illness management case worker for the Area Agency in Nashua, NH and worked as a residential coordinator for the Society to Advance the Retarded and Handicapped in Norwalk, CT.

New Hampshire Residential Provider Network, Private Provider Network, National Rehabilitation Association.

MS Organizational Management and Leadership, Springfield College School of Human Services, Community Health Care Management Certificate from Antioch University

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