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Considering purchasing an electric wheel chair for my wife (85 yr) to be use mostly in our apartment & occasionally shopping. She has a balance problem (falls)& COPD (cannot walk far).
Presently, an aid or family member follows when she is moving about, which would not be neessary if an electric wheel chair is used.
Can you suggest an appropriate wheel chair?
Thank you.

Hello Ronald,

There are so many brands and options available, my advice is to take the time to have her test drive a few models to see which feels the most comfortable for her.  Things you'll want to consider during the test drive are:
-comfort, is the seat going to be comfortable if she sits in the w/c for extended periods,
-can she comfortably reach the steering grips,
-is the w/c powerful enough, but not too powerful for her needs (are there any inclines she'll be going up/down,
-does the chair fit in your home and is it easy to maneuver in your hallways, through your doorways and in/out of the bedroom & bathroom,
-can the model be broken down and transported in a regular car's trunk or is it too big & heavy for you to manage),
-battery life is also a big consideration.

Try to find a healthcare supply store in your area that has a wide selection of chairs from many different manufacturers, and ask them to come to you if getting to them is a challenge for you and your wife.  

I hope this helps. Wishing you all the best,

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