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I was wondering would you please explain to me in a simple way that I can understand: how does a baby get born with cerebral palsy?

Each person on this earth is born with genetic markers (genes) that make us who we are. Some of the genes cause our hair color, or eye color. Then there's the more important ones. If your parents both have the genes for cerebral palsy, they might each give you a gene and depending on if you have it or not, you would also have it.
theres two kinds of genes that you need to know about. 1- dominant: this gene will cause you to HAVE the disease or trait of your parents. 2- recessive: this gene is a background, weak gene. It means you carry the trait or disease from your parents. If both sides have a dominant gene the baby would have cerebral palsy. If both sides have a recessive, it becomes a dominant gene and baby still has cerebral palsy. Now if you give baby one of each, the baby has a 50/50 chance of having cerebral palsy. If only one of the parents is a carrier or has the disease. Then firstly you have a 50/50 chance of giving it to the baby, 25/75 that the baby becomes a carrier and 25/75 that you have a completely healthy child.

I wish there was an easier way to explain genetics. I've always struggled with finding a simpler way to explain things to people who are really confused about how things like that get passed on. I hope this helps.


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at 18 months old I was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease called muscular dystrophy.I have gone through the process, to be on special programs that help you live on your own and help you find doctors and get the care you need to be able to live a healthy, happy life in your own home. I am also a wife and a mother to a beautiful four month old daughter, no I did not adopt her. I actually gave birth to this child. I can answer questions that deal with anything from dealing with people in school, in workplaces, and pretty much anyone else that you will run into in life. I can also help you understand the process that will help you get into your own home but still get the help that you require. I can also help you with dealing with relationships and making sure that you keep your relationship and your care separate so that you have a beautiful, wonderful love life. I also have a gift to read people's personalities with little information to determine if both personalities are compatible. Some people may question this ability but it hasn't failed me yet. I feel it is my goal in life to help others be happy with the ones that they love, and for them to have the courage and support to stand up for what they believe in and for what they want in life.


I have had this disease for almost 24 years, spent a year and nursing facilities, an assisted living facilities. I went to 35 weeks with a child. Went through at least one miscarriage. I have been through many relationships and learned something from each one. I feel as if I have gotten to a point where I have found the perfect balance between my love life and making sure that I get the care that I need.

my only educational credential is living life with the disease I was given. as well as dating the man that I have dated and the lessons from how each relationship fell apart. I have learned lessons from being in a nursing home for seven months and for living in assisted living for three months. I am a hands-on person so I learned the most when I left the ''nest''.

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