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RC wrote at 2013-04-05 04:21:21
If you really want to train your dog as a mobility dog #1 before you do ANY mobility work, he must be checked out from a vet and be 18mo-2 yrs of age.  #2 work with a trainer who KNOWS service dogs and do not just rely on videos.  Bridgeport harness are extremely heavy and are not the best choice when it comes to gear. yes, they are inexpensive.  However, many dogs shy away from them. Check out for more information.  If you want a real harness that will not stress your dog look at Bold Lead designs.  There are many groups out there that can provide information, but working with a local trainer who can help you hands on is your best option.  

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I am happy to help with general questions about Multiple Sclerosis. More specifically, the benefits of body cooling and exercise for MS patients and advice related to training a support and balance service dog companion. I can also offer advice and recommendations on specific products that benefit people with disabilities, MS in particular.


I was diagnosed with MS over 3 years ago and am a contributing consultant for a Multiple Sclerosis product researcher.

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