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Rebecca wrote at 2015-03-02 20:03:18
I was recently diagnosed with eds myself but they have not yet narrowed down my type but I do know that eds can be very painful especially if you have more surgeries so be careful of what you do

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Barbara Uggen-Davis


I can answer questions related to coping with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome including: bracing, symptoms, alternative therapies, support groups, etc. If your question does not relate to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, I am not able to answer you.


Although I am not a doctor, I have extensive experience in dealing with EDS from personal experience and from being actively involved in EDS Support and Education groups since 1994.

EDS Today, Canadian Ehlers-Danlos Association, UK EDS Support Group.

I was both a writer and editor for EDS Today for 10 years.

I have a BA in Business Administration/Accounting and an MBA in Business Management/Information Systems. I work in the medical field with 12 years experience in over-the-counter bracing and support products. In 2007, I joined a medical technology company.

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