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the same person who asked the question wrote at 2013-05-19 15:50:14
i am planning to commit suicide. my depression has worsened over the last6 years. it's all my fault. i hid my problem and dug my own grave. not only did i dig my own grave but also i jumped into it and covered myself with mud. i have only regrets and guilt in spite of being well qualfied i am unable to utilize my knowledge and live in this world. low vision and severe dysthymia has completely debilitated me. it's like my mind is tied in chains and shackles. i am unable to take any decision. even taking simple decisions seems very difficult. my mind has become conditioned to live this life this way.  bye bye.

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I can offer emotional support to those suffering from visual impairments--specifically those dealing with retina detachments and cataracts. I am legally blind since birth and have recently experienced much eye trouble and have had 11 eye surgeries. Because of these surgeries, I have suffered much vision loss in the left eye. I have also lost some peripheral, in both eyes. This was both a mental and physical roller coaster ride. But I have learned so much about my vision, and I want to use my trials for good!. I am happy to share my experiences, and will offer as much advise as I can on the topics of retina detachments, cataracts, and eye surgery. I am also willing to discuss living with visual impairments...and how it effects daily life, relationships, careers, etc.


Over a 3 year period, starting in 2006, I underwent a total of 11 eye surgeries. 2 cataract surgeries. 3 surgeries to fix--and finally remove-- a loose leIntraocular lens (IOL) in right eye. 5 retina detachments in left eye. 1 final surgery, in the left, to remove saline oil and the IOL.

I have simply to offer my own experiences on this topic.

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