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Hi there!

I lost 120 lbs on my own a few years ago.. since then I've switched jobs, and my eating / exercise has basically been the same... instead of losing weight, I've actually gained quite a bit back. It's depressing me greatly and I've started to overeat and eat what I want now.

My typical day I'm pretty active, my job requires a lot of walking, lifting/pushing. I usually eat under 1300 cals a day, lingering around 1200. When I overeat I still never eat more than 1600 a day, 1700 if I plan a take out/dine out meal. I gain anywhere between 5-10 lbs a week... and then i lose it then I gain it, but I can't get back down to 250 (i was 375) and it's killing me, emotionally, mentally and I'm killing myself trying to work out.

I eat mainly proteins, and light carbs... such as low cal/carb bread every now and then, but mostly it's meat/eggs and veggies..I know I'm not eating much and still I blast it in my mind that I'm eating like a pig...

A couple of years ago they found a nodule on my thyroid. Can this be affecting it? My doctor told me I should eat more, but when I add more to my diet (even if it's just fruit/veggies) I GAIN EVEN MORE!!!!!

Hi Jaclyn,
I'm very sorry for your frustration.  I am not a doctor so I can't really answer the question about the nodule.  Thyroid dysfunction can be problematic to weight loss and I would try to find a specialist that might be able to help with that.  As far as eating, it is hard to say without knowing specifically what you are eating.  A good way to add food to your diet is with green leafy vegetables...this can add a lot of nutrition with very little calories.  Also make sure you are not getting any hidden calories in your diet so make sure you log both food, drinks and any small treats you might be having.  I don't know what kind of exercise you are currently doing but the best thing to help would be weight training and making sure you are building and maintaining muscle.  Many women focus more on aerobics versus weight training and this can really make a difference.  The more muscle you have the more calories/fat you will burn.  Weight training will not make you bulk up or big.  Women who only do aerobic exercise have little muscle and a hard time losing and/or keeping weight off.  Weight training can be very helpful when hitting plateaus.  Here is an example strength training workout you can do at home:  If you belong to a gym you can usually get a free consultation with a personal trainer that can help you get started with weight training.  If you don't belong to a gym, you can usually find a gym that offers a free trial and with that free trial you can usually get that free consultation.  Working with a personal trainer can really be helpful as they can not only get you started on a program but they can make sure you progress properly and change up your exercises so you are burning the most calories possible.  
Hope this helps and good luck!

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