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I am 210lbs and a 15 year old female. I know i am overweight and i want to desperately loose weight. I have been looking into pills to help me. I found a pill called "Phentramin-D" and i looked at the reviews and everything, it seems to work? Am i able to take this?

Hi Jocelyn,
I would be very weary about any weight loss medication that isn't a prescription from your doctor.  These over the counter weight loss pills are not regulated by the FDA and have a lot of side effects like high heart rate which is a big concern.  Plus Phentramin-D does not reveal it's exact ingredients which is a big red flag.  At your age, the best thing for you to do to lose weight is to exercise and eat better. This will slowly help teach you life long skills as medication, if it works, is only a temporary situation.  You can't take these pills forever and once you stop most people gain the weight right back.  Hiring a personal trainer and nutritionist would be your best bet to get started making lifestyle changes. If that is not possible right now you have many websites that offer sample menu plans and exercise tips such as The Biggest Loser or Dr. Oz's Sharecare website.  You can also try an online personal trainer which is usually a lot cheaper than hiring a personal trainer face to face.  Hope this helps and Good Luck!

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