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I have asked a couple other professionals this, but the best answer I got was 'genetics'. That seems like a cop-out-maybe you can do better?
I understand the concept of metabolism, and how some people can burn off food fast while on people like me it gets stored as fat. (BTW I have improved mine by cutting out saturatedfat-I must store it quicker than others)
This being XMAS, I always notice in my house, with our guests, that some og my inlaws can eat copious ampunts of food and drink, with no ill effects, while I have to really watch it or I get stuffed on a third of what they eat. For example my on my wifes side they are small , thin folks with huge appetites and no bellies, while my son and I have to start weqaring the stretchy pants after brunch. Do they also have more efficient digestion as well as metabolism?
Thanks for any insights!

Hi Bud,
Genetics do play some role in metabolism and weight however it is very rare that you can not overcome it.  Many people in my family are very overweight and I noticed at a very early age that I couldn't just eat whatever I wanted to without gaining weight.  So when this seems to run in your family then you just need to work a little harder than some.  There are a small amount of people that can eat what they want and not have any weight gain.  But sometimes when you see other people eat more than you and are thinner there could be other reasons for that.  For example, some people may have not eaten all day waiting for the special meal.  Other people may have dieted and exercised all week so they could eat more.  I do this myself for the holidays.  If I know I am going to a special occasion then I will eat less the week before and exercise more so I can splurge.  Many people will comment and say something like "I wish I could eat like that and get away with it".  Well obviously I am not getting away with it I'm just being smarter about it.  I'll also load up on vegetables from a vegetable try before eating the higher calorie items so I will eat less of the higher calorie items but still splurge.  I usually run a good bit that morning as well to help.  I do have friends that can eat more than me and not gain weight like me but for the most part if I count my calories and exercise and balance out special days I can maintain a good weight.  My family will still consider me the one that got the skinny genes in the family but reality is I just have to work hard at it.  I hope this helps.  Let me know if you need anymore advice.

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