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QUESTION: Dear Kristina

I am 27 years old and I have recently married on this valentine. My Wife is 21 years old. I have noticed and every one in surrounding noticed that I am gaining weight day by day. My waist has been increased from 32-34 so far. So far I have been mating with my wife every night average 3 times / night. Just took off for 7 days of her menses. My close friends who are married said that it is because of mating. I was virgin till my marriage and so was my wife. Even my wife is also gaining more health since we got married. Please tell me what do I do to control as I am very worried about my waist. Need your suggestion on this please.



Congratulations on getting married.  Well I can definitely say that having sex will NOT make you fat.  Sometimes when couples get married they decrease their exercise level or tend to eat more and they gain weight from that however sex burns calories so the more the better for overall fitness.  Again, it has nothing to do with either of you gaining weight.  Focus on exercise and diet and that should help your weight issues.  But go ahead and keep having sex.  Good luck!

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QUESTION: Thanks for the reply. As per my personal observation on my self, you are right that my diet has increased and my sports activities has almost finished. I have heard that we should maintain a gap of atleast 02 hours between meal & sex. If we cannot maintain that gap, our tummy get increased day by day. Is it true??? In your opinion how much gap do we both have to maintain between the dinner and sex.

I have decided 2 days ago to drop one meal of the day. You may please advise me the best way to move on.



There is no correlation between what time you eat and what time you have sex causing any weight gain.  Avoiding getting a cramp would be the only reason to maybe wait after eating.  Having sex actually burns calories so I wouldn't worry about that at all.  If you and your wife are concerned about weight then you need to focus on diet and getting more exercise and don't worry about the sex.  Focus on what kind of foods you are eating, making sure you are eating healthier with fruits, vegetables and lean protein and not dropping a meal for the day.  (maybe dropping some dessert/snacks or soda's)
Good luck!

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