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This is for my english project! Do you believe sports have an effect on your life?  Do obese people live shorter lives or just are less healthy? Is there something we could do to end obesity? Can sports have an effect on obesity?

Hi Manny,
I can answer your questions but these are just my opinion based on my education and experience.  

Yes, I believe sports has an effect on your life.  If you play a sport there are many things you can learn besides playing a sport.  You are typically part of a team or at least have a coach and represent something.  You learn how to work with others, how to deal with different personalities, for some they learn what it is like to be part of family.  For some it can be a negative impact if you have a bad coach and teammates that aren't very sportsmanlike.  I think it is good to take a chance and know what to look out for to make sure you don't get caught up in something negative.  Also it can give you a break from school and have a social life.  It can teach you how to eat and how to be healthy depending on the coach.  

Obese people tend to live shorter lives due to the health issues it can cause.  Not every obese person will die younger but typically it can cut many years from your life.  Some appear to be healthy on the outside so feel they are healthy on the inside but there is no denying the health effects it can have on your body.  There are numerous negative impacts it has on your health.

The only way to end obesity would be to educate everyone and put a ban on unhealthy foods but I see that option far off in the distant future.  There are doctors trying to find a "cure" with medicine but it can be healed effectively through diet and exercise.  Sports can have an effect on obesity.  Not too many obese people play sports but there are some football players and sumo wrestlers that are obese.  Eventually it can cause health problems and have a negative impact on sports.  While a very large obese defensive player can block someone they will not be able to move quickly and run a risk of heart damage while playing excessively.  An obese child might get into sports in a recreational league and be able to get the exercise they need and lose weight.  Or it may help someone lose weight because that would be the only way they can play and therefore it had a positive impact.  

Hope all this helps and good luck!

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