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Living with Obesity/55lb weight gain out of nowhere


Good evening!

Brief history, 4 years ago, I weighed 375lbs. I lost 130lbs on my own, and never was happier. I went carb free and it worked well for me. I slowly reintroduced carbs into my diet, and lingered around 1200-1500 calories a day. Things were fine. Then I changed jobs.

I now hold a very high stress position and in the past year I've gained 55 lbs. I eat basically whatever I want but never more than 1500 calories (on the weekends I usually have a little more, topping at 1700).

A typical day of meals includes:
Breakfast: 4:15AM
Light Raisin English Muffin
Caramel coffee with creamer

Lunch Time: 12:10PM
A piece of fruit
Yoplait, Light yogurt

Caramel Coffee with Creamer

1/2 - 1 Cup rice

If i'm still hungry after dinner/cleaning I munch on either a piece of candy, or fruit/yogurt again.

As I said, no matter what I do, I do not go over 1500 calories, usually during the week I stay around 1200-1300.

I broke down last week and decided to try "Garcina Cambogia". I weighed 293 last Wednesday, and today, Monday, I weigh 299.

My job keeps me pretty active. I briskly walk around a big area for half of my day. Then I'm at home and I'm cooking/cleaning doing other chores. I used to do 1-2 hours worth of aerobic/cardio/jillian michaels videos, I hated doing it, absolutely hated it. When it didn't do me any good to work out, and I lost no weight still, I stopped doing it all together. Why do something I hate? That's what I go to work for.

Sorry this story has been so long.

Now as a last ditch effort, I bought a cute pair of running shoes. Maybe it's something I can get into. But being that I'm nearly 300 lbs again, what should I do to lead my way up to running? I'm desperate here.

As a side note:
My doctor has told me I just over eat and I'm lazy. He said there is nothing medically wrong with me.
For what it's worth, when this weight gain began, my menstrual cycle also started to mess up. I don't know if they can be connected at all.

Hi Jacky,
Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble.  There are a few things that concern me:

First:  I think you need to find another doctor.  Start with your GYN doctor and get your hormones checked out as this can have an impact on you.  But also another general doctor who is willing to run more blood tests.  

Second:  Stop taking the "Garcina Cambogia".  Supplements aren't regulated by the FDA and you just never know if you are getting what you are supposed to.

Third:  Your diet is pretty much all carbohydrates with hardly any protein.  I would seriously look into a better balanced diet as with the high stress and mainly carbs can have a significant impact on your blood sugar that wouldn't really show up in blood tests for years down the road.
Try to find a book that can help you get ideas of a more balanced diet such as:  So with each meal you have healthy carbs/protein/fats.  With the high stress this can really help your body adapt to that and help you lose weight instead of gaining it eating the same amount of calories (or even more).    Getting outside can do wonders as well.  I hated running but when I'm outside and have a nice scenery I found it to be very rewarding and a great stress reliever. You don't have to run, a nice brisk walk can help too.  

Hope this helps and please start with a new doctor.  Good luck!  

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