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Good evening.  I am writing an article for a class, specifically, how to be happy while being overweight in college.

I am curious as to ways that college students can be happy while they are overweight.  Do you believe that this is possible?  Or is thinner the winner?  What must an overweight college student do to be happy regardless of their weight in today's world?

Thank you for your time.

Matthew - this is a great question.  I think there are 3 basic reasons most people want to be thin with the most important one at a college student stage of life is to be thought of as beautiful and desirable.  Sometimes there are also health concerns and just plain old wanting to feel more comfortable in your body, or buying clothes etc...
And funnily enough, while we think 'thinner in the winner' if often isn't.  Guys love to date pretty girls, and be seen with them - and even think they want to marry them - but who would you rather marry - someone who looks good or someone who makes you feel awesome about who you are, who you can laugh with and have a great time with.  Fact is...even very ordinary (and fat) people find people who love them and 'good looking' people often have marriages that dissolve.  I think to be happy regardless of their weight in today's world they really need to understand that 'thinner is not healthier'   check this out for loads of evidence and they really need to understand the danger of dieting - and I can personally speak to this as I suffered with anorexia and lost a friend to it. And here are some great ways people can accept their size and you may want to check out the health at every size movement

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