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Locksmithing/removing a Medeco deadbolt lock


Luvmylocks wrote at 2015-07-24 13:47:37
I have to move 2 Medeco deadbolts.  I'm hiring a locksmith for the new install, but I'll save a fortune if I can remove these on my own.  On one, I was experimenting.  I rotated the lock casing around (trying to unscrew it), and the ring just popped out.  On the second, the casing doesn't rotate.  I can rotate the ring with a tiny screwdriver (only counterclockwise), but can't figure out how to pry it out.  I don't want to damage or scratch the faceplate or ring.

Luvmylocks wrote at 2015-07-24 13:53:10
DISREGARD!!!:  I just tried your xacto knife suggestion, and it worked like a CHARM!  Thank you!  I guess I should try before writing. :)


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