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Ashley Morrison wrote at 2011-03-30 22:41:58
There is no such thing as a safe locker. No matter how good the padlock is the steel locker door or the cam which the padlock is attached to can easily be damaged with targeted force. Most hasp locks used in lockers allow a very small margin for error. If the padlock is too small then you may be able to simply turn the lock and access the locker. if the padlock is too big then it's easy to use it as a lever to break the lock. most locker companies sell padlocks specifically designed for lockers and will therefore be the correct size.

There are images of the normal padlock types at

Richard Parker wrote at 2015-01-29 08:07:48
Ashley, I am completely agree with your comment.The demand of such lockers has been increasing nowadays. Because the case of thieves and burglary has been increasing today, everyone wants security for their belongings and Safety lockers are the best solution. They come with analogue as well as digital locking system which will store their items with full safety. You can find same here:


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