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Ralph wrote at 2013-08-14 17:30:33
The Weiser WR3 key blank has the exact same blade as the WR5 and the WR5 is easier to find. A KW1 key blank will slide into a Weiser lock but beware: #1 the spacing of the cuts on a Kwikset key is slightly different than the spacing on a Weiser key, so you will sometimes find that when you try to pin a Weiser lock to a Kwikset key the pins ride on the ramps instead of the roots and you get intermittent failures, and #2 the Kwikset blank is narrower and has a tendency to rock inside the keyway, so you sometimes get a key which works well going counter-clockwise but binds up going clockwise, or vice-versa.

There are other key blanks which will fit into a Weiser 1054 keyway but none of them work as reliably as the WR3 and the WR5.


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