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I have a very large MacNeale & Urban Safe which is 41" wide, 32" deep, and 5'8" high.  The lock has not been able to open for at least 70 years, but there is also a mural painted on the 4 sides with moss and deer and such.  I was wanting to know if these safes were ever painted or if this was done long after production of the safe.  I could not find any serial numbers or other names to indicate where the safe was made or when.  Have you heard anything about a safe like this?

Hi Kess,

Thanks for writing. To answer your question simply: There were murals painted onto these safes and sometimes, even the company who originally bought the safe, or sold the safe to the public, would have their name painted on it as well. MacNeale & Urban Safes were built from around 1870 to the beginning of the 1900's. I hope this answers your questions, I am sorry I don't have more information for you.

Here is a link to another answer on this site that has a bit more information:

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