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QUESTION: I live in a condo. Nearly all units have Schlage L-series mortise locks. According to the customer support at Schlage, they specifically use Schlage L9453 locks. The problem I am looking to solve is this: with the existing lock, unless you explicitly make sure that it is set to stay completely unlocked before you exit, you get locked out if the door closes behind you. I have inadvertently been locked out in this fashion several times over the past 6 months since I moved in. Fortunately, until now the complex had a policy of having the complex's security guards let you back in to your unit with the HOA's copy of the key, so being locked out was an inconvenience but not a huge problem. However, for whatever reason, the HOA has decided to change its policy and now the only way to get back in when locked out is to call a locksmith.

I have been informed that the Schlage lock body chassis and armor front can be changed to a provide "corridor function", so I won't get locked out if the door shuts behind me while I don't have my keys with me. I have the necessary part numbers to do that, so I have at least that solution.

However, in researching I became aware of at least one keypad lock (the Stanley Omnilock OMEM-M) that can apparently be adapted to be used with Schlage L-series locks. I would prefer adding a keypad to the existing lock instead of the corridor function option if it doesn't cost too much more than the "corridor function" option, but the Stanley Omnilock's a little pricey. Do you know of any other, less expensive, keypad solutions that can be adapted to a Schlage L series lock that I could use?


Stay away from Omnilock.

Schlage makes an AD-200 series lock that has the capability of working with their mortise lock but it appears you can't buy the AD-200 without the mortise lock - I can't check today since it's the weekend.

The AD-200 is a stand-alone battery operated lock and is available with different type of "readers" depending on what you need.  I suggest the Keypad (KP) option for your situation.

If you want to contact your local locksmith have them get a price for you on a Schlage AD-200-MS-50-KP-RHO-626-PD-RH (The RHO is the lever style so if yours is different check the Schlage catalog for style codes; the 626 is Satin Chrome finish, again check the catalog if different; PD means it has a standard key cylinder; RH is right handed).  There are a few other options available so the part number may be longer.

The part number above has a list price of $1581.00, including the mortise lock.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very much, James. One other keypad/keyless option would be to replace the entire Schlage mortise lock with another brand mortise lock that "fits". Do you know of any other brands/models with a keypad that can be used as a replacement without having to make any significant modifications to the door itself? Additional research has led me to believe, rightly or wrongly, that there may be some ANSI standard that most locks conform to so that there's a certain degree of interchangeability.

Hello Tom,

Schlage L9000 Series locks have a 6-1/4"H X 1"W X 4-1/2"D body with a 2-3/4" backset.  The holes for the lever/knob and mortise cylinder are 3-7/8" apart, CTC.

I'm unable to locate information on an Alarm Lock Trilogy Mortise lock that could work with the same prep.  You may want to call them at 1-800-ALA-LOCK or email at to find out if their DL3500 would work in place of your Schlage L9000 series lock.  I doubt their lock would work with the Schlage mortise body but it may be the same prep.

I did a search and found that Schlage conforms to ANSI 156.13 which may or may not refer to the prep of the door.

If it will work for your current prep, I'd recommend the Alarm Lock DL3500 over any other brand, except maybe the Schlage CO locks.



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