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QUESTION: We inherited a safe when we moved in to this house back in 1997 and the previous owners said it was there when they moved in.

It is an Eagle Brand Stand up combination safe.  Dimensions from front are 26.5 inches wide X 28 inches deep X 58 inches tall without the casters included.  Dial is 1-100 with Eagle name on center of tumbler dial.

Looking for any information I can get as we would like to get it open and start using it if possible.
- Model #
- How many numbers might the combination have
- any possible combinations
- etc.

The safe does have a Underwriters Laboratories Inspected plate on it, the number on that plate could be provided if helpful.

Very much would like to discuss, could exchange numbers should this email get a response.

Thanks to any who take a look at this.


ANSWER: Eagle did not make too many safes, they were more well known for their safe locks. A number os safe manufacturers used Eagle safe locks.

Is it olive drab green, like the army uses?

If so, it dates from the 1920s to the early fifties.

Is it possible to post a pic? One shot of the whole safe and one of the dial and handle area should do it.

If it is a 3 wheel, changeable, combination lock it will have 1 million theoretical combinations.

As for numbers, we need to know how many wheels are in the lock, which we can tell from the pics.

If it is a standard lock, you could try combinations like 50-25-50, 10-20-30, etc.

Hope this helps.

Dan Terrigno
American Safe & Vault Service
Cleveland, OH

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QUESTION: Safe is all gray.

Hope the pix help.

If Eagle only appears on the dial it is probably one of the following safe manufacturers that used Eagle locks.

Meilink, Globe Wernicke, Shaw-Walker, Art Metal, and maybe Safe Cabinet.

To me, the hinges look like Safe Cabinet hinges.

I believe it to be their 3 wheel, small wheel lock. 1 million possible combinations.

The combination should be dialed as follows:

4 times left to xx

3 times right to xx

2 times left to xx

1 time right until the dial stops.

Turn handle.

If you decide to have it professionally opened, ask lots of questions beforehand.

Get a flat rate to open and repair. Anybody that knows what they're doing can quote you from those photos. Do not pay a "cheap" service call and $ per hour to have someone butcher your safe. Those locks are not available. If they screw it up, you've got a boat anchor.

If it was in our area, the charge would be $65 trip charge and $295 to open and repair, based on a working safe. i.e. all the parts are there and working as they should.

Good luck with your project.




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