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Can a door be retrofit with a 2-button system?
I recently replaced our front door and in all the design mayhem, completely forgot about making sure that the new lock would be like the old one in having the 2-button system, if that is what it is called. This is the case where the buttons are in the same face of the door as the tongue. Pushing one button in allows the door to be opened from the outside, unless deadbolt has been turned. Pushing other button pops out the first button, and means the door is locked from outside, even if deadbolt is not turned.
Is it possible to retrofit a door with such a system? This door came with a Schlage Vintage system.

Hello Judith,

It sounds like you are referring to a mortise lock with stopworks.  The Arrow AM/BM series (AM is knob/ BM is lever) has that function, although they don't have the same style of buttons they do work the same way as you describe.  There are only some functions that have that feature.  I'd suggest downloading their catalog and finding which function you need for your application then find a locksmith that sells those (or visit our site www.jmlock.com to purchase).

Arrow: http://www.arrowlock.com/en/site/arrowlock/Products/?groupId=835827

There are other manufacturers that have that function but Schlage wasn't one of them catalog.

Corbin has it: http://www.corbinrusswin.com/en/site/corbin-russwin/Product-Information/?groupId

Sargent has it: http://www.sargentlock.com/products/product_overview.php?item_id=23

Yale has it: (you have to download their catalog for details) http://extranet.assaabloydss.com/library/catalogs/Yale/pdf/42002%20YA%208800%201

As for retrofitting to your existing lock, I don't know how easy or complicated it will be without knowing what a Schlage Vintage is, that's one I'm not familiar with.

The above links will show you the catalogs for each manufacturer but there are also downloads to show how the doors must be prepared for each specific brand.

Since there are many different styles and finishes available among each manufacturer you may want to view all of them to find the one that you like the most, check the function you need as there are many (some functions don't have the stopworks), then get prices & availability on a few different ones before you decide for certain.

Let me know if you need anything further.



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