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Dan, I submitted a question last Friday (different e-mail - from work) in regards to a Cannon safe that wouldn't open. Key Pad is fine. New battery. It's the locking mechanism giving me fits. Wont turn (counter clockwise) completely to release lock. It looks rusted inside. You needed to know the electronic key pad I had. It's a LP Lock (A on the #1). What can be done to remedy the situation. If a qualified lock smith is needed can you recommend? I live in Dallas TX. Thanks, Scott

The reason I asked what lock it is, is that the Lagard brand of locks had problems with an internal anti-theft device that would not let the lock unlock completely.

The LP locks do not have this problem.

There are three possible malfunctions:

The anti-theft relock has been triggered.

A screw in the back panel has been tightened too far and is interfering with the bolt work.

A bolt work malfunction. Depending on which model you have, it could have a gear type bolt work with a broken tooth, or a broken pivot pin in the boltworks.

Two of the three involve drilling a small hole and defeating the problem. Unless you have the right tools it's not really a DIY job.

Two guys I know in your area that are qualified to work on safes are:

http://www.locksmithsfortworth.net/ Ask for Scott.

972 890 5554  Ask for Mark.



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