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QUESTION: I have a portable Protectall safe with the Indian Chief head on it inherited from my Dad. It is a combination lock with the word protectall written on it.  The safe has always been preset to open with a slight turn of the dial to open-for years. But the dial has been moved and I can't get it open.  I have 2 numbers of the combination.  Is this safe valuable the way it is?  And will forcing it open diminish its worth?
Thank you.

ANSWER: It is a 3 number combination. If you have 2 of the numbers then it will take less than 100 tries to open it normally.

This is the best way to do it if you are sure of the 2 numbers.

Which two numbers do you have? The first two or the last 2?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I think I have the last 2. My Dad told me to turn slow to right to xx, and never go pass xx.  Also, the locksmiths I've called have forewarned me the safe must be torn open and the lock replaced.  If I do that the safe will not be worth anything will it?

The locksmith is full of it.

Is it possible to post a pic of it? Mosler used a couple of different locks on this unit depending on the year.

Then I can tell you the dialing sequence.

Typically it is 4 times left to xx, 3 times right to xx, 2 times left to xx and right until the dial stops.

If you had 25 as the second number and 50 as the third the combinations would be

2-25-50 etc.

If you had the first 2 numbers is would go much quicker.

Who are you calling for service? What city are you in? I probably know someone near there.

OR go to savta.org and aloa.org.

Ask the safe guy if they manipulate (dial open safes with lost combinations)

If they don't, move on.

There is no reason whatsoever to destroy this safe.



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