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QUESTION: We live in an older home (built 1927). The back door has had the same problem repeatedly. The door closes, but then when we turn the knob, the tongue will not retract out of the door frame. We have removed the knob and manually turned the mechanism using a screw driver. We have tried to wedge a knife, screwdriver, and credit card into the door jamb to manually retract the tongue. None of this works. The last time this happened, the handyman who came out used a saw to cut the tongue. We then replaced the entire door knob system. It never felt 100%, but now it won't work at all. Do you have any suggestions for 1) getting the tongue to retract so we can open the door, and 2) what we need to do so this doesn't happen again.

Many thanks for your time.

ANSWER: Hello Ruth,

What type of lock did you replace?  You said old home so it could be an old style mortise lock or it could be a newer style cylindrical lock.
What brand is the new lock?  Do you know the model number?
Does the new lock use a key?

Without more detail I can't offer any assistance.  There are too many factors involved.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for looking at my question so quickly.

I'm pretty sure it's a mortise lock. The lock does have a keyhole, but we never use the key. We use it as a knob to open and close the door and have a separate, keyed lock for security.

Do you know where I could look to find the brand and model number?

The lock is like this one

Hello Ruth,

Since you already replaced the lock with a new one and it's still doing the same thing, I'd first check the alignment of the latch (the tongue) with the door jamb and strike plate.  It may be wedged in the strike plate causing your issue.  These types of locks are not used much anymore due to their functional issues like the one you are having.  If this isn't the cause, it may be a defective lock or the lock may be binding inside the door cavity.

I'd recommend changing the lock to a modern type lock.  You can find a plate to cover the old holes and door edge at most hardware stores.  It looks something like this: http://www.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1294662  You'll then need a standard lock and since you don't lock it, a simple passage lock should work just fine.



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