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I bought a storage unit and it had an empty safe in it. Its a brinks 5050 safe. Doesnt use a key. Just has a keypad on it. The battery is still operation. How can i get in it with no code. Thanks

ANSWER: If you contact Brinks, they may give you the original code so that you can try it.

Are you sure there is not a key override under a little piece of plastic next to the keypad?

On many of these there is a reset button on the inside used to reset the code.

A safe tech may be able to drill a small hole, find the button and use a wire to put it in programming mode.

Or if there is a hidden key override he may be able to pick it and make you a key.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: i found the manual and the code i assume its the master code printed in the manual. The safe isnt responding to any key input. Not sure if its in lockout mode from yesterday having tried a few wrong codes? The low battery light isnt on. I also looked where you said and found a key hole. Dont have a key though. I also found the serial number. How do you suggest i open it. I called 2 lock smiths they want 150 to drill it open. If i decide to drill would you suggest me drilling the lock out?

Hi Sam. Did you tell the locksmiths that there was an override key hole?

Were there any numbers on face of the key lock?

Often the manuals have a printed master code that they use as an example.

Was this one printed on a separate label in the manual?

A competent safe technician, not a general locksmith should be able to pick this lock open with no problem.

Try finding someone at or

What city are you in, I may know someone there I can refer you to.

If the batteries are on the outside, I would go ahead and replace them anyway.



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