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Dibolt Lock
Dibolt Lock  
QUESTION: I have a steel safe with a Dibolt combination lock with a key lock in the center and the numbers 019 stamped above the key.  No other markings or numbers are on the safe.  The safe was given to me several years ago and we set the combination to one similar to another safe that I own only changing the last number.  We never used the safe so I have forgotten the L-R sequence to open it.  Can you help me out?  I have attached a picture that I found on the internet of what the lock looks like.

ANSWER: When you removed the dial and shaft did you notice if the drive cam that it threaded into had more than one position?

Without seeing the lock or safe, I can only give you the standard dialing procedure for a three wheel lock.

4 times left (CCW) to the first number
3 times right (CW) to the second number
2 times left (CCW) to the third number
1 time right until the dial comes to a stop - probably around 88

Do you have any pics of the safe and lock?

The lock insert in the dial is either a National, S&G or a Yale. It appears you already have a working key. Correct?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


QUESTION: Two images attached of the actual safe.  I attempted using 4L - 3R - 2L then Right.  Like I said I am sure of the first two numbers, last one is in question.  No, it did not open.

BTW, thanks for the quick reply!

A picture IS worth a thousand words.

This may be a true left hand lock. A locks handing is determined from the inside of the safe. If the lock bolt point right, it's a right hand lock.

On a right hand lock, the lever that drops into the wheels is on top. When you mount it left handed it is on the bottom.

Diebold made some true left hand locks that when mounted left hand the lever was on top.

This results in the dialing sequence being RLRL.

First, lets get it open. If you accurately dial it LRL and the combination is correct you will feel it drop in at around "0". If you turn it to the right and it retracts the bolt it is right handed. If it turns to the left to unlock it is a true left handed lock.

So dial the first two numbers and progress the third.

I.E 20-40-0

Each time you come to the last number, rapidly move the dial a few numbers each way. That way if you are within one number it will open.

Note that once you dial in the first two numbers, you can progress the third number.

When you dial the third number to 0 then back to the right to see if it will open, and it doesn't, just dial left again until you come to 2. Then right to check if it opens, then back to 4 and so on.  

It may take some fiddling but if you have the first two numbers, there are only 100 possible combinations.

Good luck!

Dan Terrigno
American Safe & Vault Service
Cleveland, OH  


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