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My father in law and I both have Cannon safes with Lagard electronic locks. His battery went dead and when he replaced it, it would not open after inputting combo. I went ahead and changed my good battery before I had this problem but now mine is doing the same exact thing! The lock beeps twice with correct combo like it should but when you turn the handles, the mechanism seems to still be locked.
I already turned counter clockwise and set combo as well as tried the 1-2-3-4-5-6 factory combo.
the factory combo gives an incorrect beep signal while our pre set combos give the correct 2 beep so I don't think it's a combo problem.
 Do you have any suggestions? this must be a fairly common occurrence since the exact same thing has happened to both of us. Different safe models and years by the way.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for writing! You are correct that this is a fairly common occurrence, usually happening when the lock is ready to stop working. Below are 2 possible causes and solutions you can perform. The first is free, the second will most likely require a pro.

1. The Lock has pressure on it and it can't open. Turn the handle in the direction you would when locking it. Hold the handle snugly in that position. This can relieve the pressure on the lock bolt. Now try the combination.... Hopefully this works.

2. The Lock or The Keypad is Bad. If you are sure the battery is BRAND NEW, and a quality battery (I recommend Duracell, try the combination again. If you don't hear the distinct "Click" sound, I would have to recommend you call the dealer you purchased safe from, Cannon Tech Support at 855-910-2400, or a local Safe Technician to open your safe and replace lock.

The first option will be tried by a Safe Technician and most likely recommended by Tech Support to try as well.

Good Luck and let me know if I can provide any more help!

Thanks again for writing.


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